Part D: Prescription Drug Plans 

Prescription Drug Plans can be the most confusing part of Medicare.  As a complimentary service, we will analyze your current prescriptions and find you the plan that provides you with the lowest total prescription drug costs.

There Are 3 Components of Prescription Drug Plans That Determine Your Costs:


Monthly Premium

Each drug plan has a monthly that can be as low as $12.60/month.

Annual Deductible

Each drug plan has an annual deductible that can be as low as $0 and as much as $400.

Prescription Copays

Each drug plan has different copays for different prescriptions.  This significantly affects your total out of pocket costs for your prescriptions.

Do not be fooled into buying a Prescription Drug Plan because of a low monthly premium.  You must analyze the prescriptions that you take and find the company that will provide you with the lowest total cost. 

This guide is meant to be for learning purposes only.  There can be unique situations that need to be considered when going on Medicare.