Important Information:

Supplement Plans

  • Supplement polices are identical from on insurance company to the next. The only difference is price.

  • Insurance companies cannot deny  coverage or charge higher premiums if you enroll during your initial Medicare open enrollment period

  • Once your initial enrollment period ends, insurance companies can deny or charge higher premiums if you've had adverse health history.

  • If you want to switch from an Advantage plan into a Supplement plan, you can be denied or charged higher premiums based on health history.

Drug Plans

  • You must analyze the prescriptions you take to find the lowest cost plans.

  • Each year your prescriptions may change. You can shop for a new plan between Oct. 15th and Dec. 7th each year.

  • You can change each year regardless of your health history.

  • Many Advantage plans package in your drug plan, limiting your ability to shop for a separate prescription drug plan.

Advantage Plans

  • Advantage Plans are different from each insurance company. 

  • Each plan has different networks, copays, coinsurance, and deductibles.

  • Plans can change or be cancelled each year.

  • You can shop for a new plan each year between Oct. 15th and Dec. 7th.

  • There is no health underwriting when changing plans.


This guide is meant to be for learning purposes only.  There can be unique situations that need to be considered when going on Medicare.